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R Capital Group

R Capital Facility Managements has been established in 2004

Rigid physical distancing norms along with high standards of hygiene and safety protocols have become important like never before for households and organizations alike.

As one of the leading integrated facility management service providers in the United Arab Emirates, R Capital Facility Management is firmly positioned to provide the best practices, technology and innovative solutions to meet the current and future facility management challenges.

We bring over 19 years of professional experience in property development and management to provide holistic solutions that can address all the facility management requirements for a variety of commercial and residential properties at competitive cost savings.

Spectrum of Services

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Integrated Facilities Management

R Capital Facility Management Integrated facilities management operations deliver a strong return on investment (ROI) for large and complex portfolios without compromising on quality or quantity through innovative technology solutions.

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Technical Services

Our technical services match the highest international delivery standards. Our team of specialized engineers and technicians supported by cutting-edge Building Management System (BMS) technology carry out the operations to achieve one important goal to increase efficiency and reduce waste while maintaining safety of people and environment.

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Soft FM Services

We take our soft FM services very seriously because they have an important role to play in enhancing the value of the properties that we manage. Clean environments, proper trash disposal, and efficient plumbing promote healthy work culture and improve morale of those working at and visiting the premises.

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Security Services

We provide the best security services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Our highly trained and agile security personnel operate eciently as per clients specic requirements.

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Training Center

Our in-house state-of-the-art training facility provides advanced training and globally recognized certication courses on the best practices of facility management.

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Energy & Utilities Management

R Capital Facility Management has end-to-end energy and utilities management solutions that leverage best practices, increase brand value and decrease overall costs. Additionally, we provide automated remote metering and reporting with data analysis for energy balance within the organization.

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Call Centre & Business Centre

Our 24×7 call center and business support services are designed to minimize downtime during business hours from a single point of contact for request from clients. From managing power cuts, server inaccessibility, natural disasters and other emergencies to remote operation of sites, our skilled and responsive FM team collaborates with business units to create plans and strategy for uninterrupted workow.

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